How to group your consumer credits online? | Loan consolidation

The repurchase of consumer credit makes it possible to set up a debt and debt restructuring plan in order to provide the borrower(s) with a new substitution credit adapted to their repayment capacity. has more information

Why group consumer credit?

Why group consumer credit?

After subscribing to several consumer credit agreements, the subscriber(s) are likely to see their budgetary position become unbalanced, and this due to a debt ratio too high compared to their capacity to be able to refund.

If you are suffocated by the monthly payments of multiples of the consumer credit that you have previously contracted, then it is recommended to find a solution to restore order in the management of the budget.

So an overhaul of the remaining capital due of the various loans and credits consumption, as well as various debts of which the nature is tax or family, etc. by appealing to a loan of repurchase of consumer credit is the solution to find a healthy management the personal financial budget.

It is also an opportunity to convert revolving credits and loans for consumption or for work purchased through a seller at excessive interest rates in a single credit with a monthly payment tailored to your ability to refund and that at the best rate.

Consumer credit purchase over 144 months

Consumer credit purchase over 144 months

When it comes to making a consumer credit redemption to spread the remaining amounts due to different credits to group, then the choice of amortization period of 144 months is ideal to obtain a significant gain on the monthly payment.

Reduce your monthly loan costs by up to 60% to generate more monthly purchasing power, and thus be able to build a cash comfort thanks to the implementation of a programmed monthly savings.

It is always possible to repay the loan in advance by making a partial or total prepayment of the outstanding principal of the debt. But making the choice of a long repayment period offers more stability in the management of the household budget, and thus makes it possible to offer more financial security to a household.

Consumer loan consolidation is an eligible solution for borrowers who own property and for people who rent their homes.

No guarantee is required by the lending institution specializing in repurchase of consumer loan, it is a replacement loan in the form of personal loan amortizable fixed interest rate!

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